Conference Room

Total Area Size: 103 sqm (78 sqm + 25 sqm)

Room Access Hours: 7 am to 10 pm

Flexible Room Setup

U-Shape Configuration: Accommodates up to 28 people

Full Day Rate


Your Space for Productive Gatherings

Introducing our flexible conference room, a versatile space with 103 sqm to suit your needs. Customize the setup for your event, be it a meeting, training, or presentation. Available from 7 am to 10 pm, it’s your ideal venue.

U-Shape Seating

Enhanced Collaboration and Interaction

Accommodates up to 28 people in a U-shaped arrangement.

Ideal for fostering group discussions, team meetings, and workshops.

Promotes face-to-face interaction and engagement among attendees.

Classroom-Style Seating

Optimal Learning Environment

Can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people in a classroom-style layout.

Perfect for training sessions, seminars, and educational workshops.

Provides a conducive environment for taking notes and absorbing information.

Boardroom-Style Seating

Focused and Executive Setting

Designed for up to 25 attendees in a professional boardroom-style setup.

Ideal for executive meetings, presentations, and decision-making sessions.

Encourages a formal and focused atmosphere for important discussions.

Theater-Style Seating

Spacious and Dynamic Presentation

Offers ample space for up to 50 people in a theater-style arrangement.

Perfect for large presentations, conferences, and lectures.

Allows for dynamic and engaging presentations with a clear view for all attendees.

Conference Equipment

Whiteboard, markers and filtered iced water are complimentary. TV monitors, video and lectern complimentary, phone and fax are available and usual charges will apply. Available for hire is such equipment as electronic whiteboards, flip charts, easels, slide projectors, and overhead projectors.

All food requirements are made the same day, coffee on arrival, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

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